Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 5, 2011

Thank you for the emails. So I only got 75 minutes total for emails today and it seems that the less time I have the more people email me. But I will try to get everything I want to say within the amount of time that I have left, 26 mins. Mom you are funny, you sure do crack me up. You were thinking you were going to write less this time because of your arm but you wrote the same if not more than usual, but I love hearing from you. I am sorry to hear about your arm. Well I hope your surgery goes well this Friday I will be praying for you and thinking about you. We had In-N-Out today and I thought of dad and got a double double for you :) Our remote for our car broke so we had to go to the dealership to see what was wrong with it, basically they are ordering a new one, shortage in the device.

Thank you for the birthday presents as well they were great I love my ring. It was great to hear moms voice to that was the best thing that night. So awesome, but we went and had lunch with all the sisters. I got 4 birthday cakes throughout the whole week it was the best birthday I have had in a couple of years.
Well, I won't be able to tell you everything that I want to because I don't have a lot of time. But a thought I would like to leave with you is this. This life is hard but we make it harder when we don't do what he asks us to do. Heavenly Father is bound by laws as well, and that's a trick that Satan uses on us too, that we shouldn't have any laws. But the laws protect us. (3 Nephi 18:25) He can only protect us and help us when we keep his commandments.
It's like the story that was told about the young man who was driving home one night and got pulled over. He was told that if he brakes the law the holy ghost can't abide with him and protect him because He is bound by laws as well. We are protected and safe when we do as Heavenly Father asks us to do. And we should do it out of love and nothing else, love is the most powerful force in this world. Jesus Christ was able to overcome everything because of love. We all have trials but they make us stronger depending on how we react to them, we will only find temporal joy in the worldly things. Satan can not satisfy our hunger very long but Christ can satisfy that hunger forever because he is the living water and when we drink from it we shall never thirst nor hunger. I have tons of new stories from this past week but I only have 8 mins left :( The library was closed yesterday so we couldnt email then but next week for sure and I probably will have more stories then. But we had to be in by 6 yesterday, we went to the Lords house for dinner sooo fun!! Loved it.

I love you and miss you both. I will talk to you next week sorry I couldn't write very much and I didn't answer all your questions. LOVE YOU!!!
Love Sister Heather Clevenger :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello Mom & Dad
Well things are getting better. Sometimes the Lord brings us low so he can rise us up. Its a very humbling experience and I am grateful for it all. You get the worst of worst and the best of best. We are literally fighting with Satan, sometimes it gets frustrating but its amazing the power of the Atonement Yesterday was amazing the Canyon Gate ward welcomed home one of their sister missionaries, they had three out now its down to two. But it was great and just the thing that I needed, it was an answer to my prayers. This past week has been hard there has been a lot of struggles and trials but her talk helped me so much.
Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Its kind of weird to have a birthday on a mission but everyone has been so loving about, its awesome. I think most of the ward knows, so probably over half the ward. We got cake on Saturday night from the Goodnoughs, Brother Goodnough reminds me of Grandpa so much its funny. Also we went to the Deckers to decorate their door because it was Sister Deckers birthday that day so we got caught in the process basically. We were driving off and her grandsons Kaden and Van were running down the road and sister decker came out as well so we turned around :) And they gave us cake as well it was pretty awesome. So we went in and saw her family and met more of her kids.
I got the package on Saturday I wasnt going to open it but I decided to because I kind of figured that you wrapped my presents. But I havent opened them yet I am going to wait until tomorrow. But thank you for the scentsy stuff, I was just wishing last week to have something to make the apartment smell good, and I was going to go buy a candle but now I dont have to :) Thank you so much!!
My companion and I are getting a long well. Its always a learing experience but I have noticed that she is more like you dad and jeff, and that Sister Sprouse was like you mom. So it has been good to learn and grow from them and understand more of how I can become better. This past week though I have come to understand that I am struggling more because it is a hard process to become a leader and thats what I am learning right now. How to take the lead and be an example to others. But though its so hard and frustating Heavenly Father is right here next to my side to help me through it all.

Thank you for the scriptures I will look them up during personal study. I have learned so much through studying the scriptures in the morning. This transfer for me and reading the scriptures I have learned so much more and my understanding and knowledge of them are increasing more than I even know for myself. One experience this past week was we were over at sister Lords house for dinner. She just had surgery on her knee as well so you mom and her are in the same boat but I was giving the spiritual thought for the night. Well I had this in mind from proverbs 23. I wasnt sure on the verse but I thought that it would be good and I can just skim through it and find it. But when I was looking for it I couldnt find it so I told her about the time we were over at the MacKays house and the same thing happened over there. The scripture that I was thinking of sharing wasn't the one that Heavenly Father wanted me to share. Well the same thing was with Sister Lords, Heavenly Father knew what she needed and I had the thought come to me to just go to where I was studying that morning. Well I did and this one verse that stood out to me that morning was what she needed. She was teary eyed and I realized that Heavenly Father knows his children so well and he knows exactly what they need and I am just an instrument in his hands. But through having scripture study in the morning I helped one of his children in need. I have come to learn that my scripture study in the morning isn't for me but for Gods children that I come to meet everyday. But the scripture I shared with Sister Lords was 3 Nephi 7:18 and it was about Nephi going out and preaching the gospel and the faith that he had in so doing. I really love this verse because at the very end it says that he had so much faith that angels ministered unto him DAILY. That is an amazing thing to have angels administer unto you daily, we can all have this same great faith that Nephi did and we can be blessed to have angels administer unto us daily as well.
Today I was reading 3 Nephi 12 and I realized that this is where Christ gives his new commandments I never noticed it before but it was amazing to see all that he taught the people. But verse 15 and 16 stood out to me. It says that a man lighteth a candle and does not put it under a bushel to be hid but on a candelstick to be shone to everyone. Then in verse 16 it says "let your light so shine.....that they may see your good works" These verses are talking to us as members of the Church of Jesus Christ. We are to be examples to all we have the light of Christ upon us and we must not be ashamed of it but must go forth and let the world see it that it may be an ensign to all nations and people and that through our good works they may come to know God. I love what President Uchtdorf said in his talk "preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words". Our actions speak louder than our words, every parent knows that so well because a child learns from the actions of their parents how their children grow up to be is how their parents were and showed them to become. I was reading the Chasity pamphlet they have and it says we must be clean in thought, action, and speech. What we speak and how we speak about things shows a lot of how are hearts are and the thoughts that come to our mind. Our actions are a reflection of our thoughts and are then a reflection of our hearts desires.
I read this book recently called "As a Man Thinketh" it was a great book you can get at Deseret Book for like $5 by James Allen. But he talks about how our thoughts determine our action but also the things that we produce and the people that we attract are in all sense how we really are. If we think bad then we do bad, our thoughts proceed our action. If we are mean and rude to people we can see that our thoughts are not righteous or pure, and we come to see that our hearts are not in the right place either. There were some many great quotes that I got from it that I wrote down but left at home. Hopefully next week I will remember them. I have come to know so much more of my savior on a mission and it has been a blessed journey to go through. I couldnt have asked for anything better, and there wasn't any other way for me to come to know Jesus Christ than to do as he has done and go through what he has gone through. Today for companion study we were talking about our hearts and mind. Sister Sprouse and I had this converstation before because she wants to know what I think but I like to know how people feel, I want to know whats in your heart not whats in your mind. And I realized going along with the book that I read that the heart and mind are so intertwained they go hand and hand. The desires of our hearts produce the thoughts we have and then produces the actions that come. In 1 Nephi it talks about three human senses see, hear, and know; all of them are necessary for every person to experience in this life in order to gain a testimony. We must know, meaning feeling with our hearts of this, we must see it and hear it meaning with our minds, but its through reading the words of christ and then going out and exercising that faith and seeing the fruits of your labors. The fruits of what we produce will show us the efforts that we are putting forth in our life. If we are not having sweet moments of joy we are not doing what is asked of us.
We were in the car today as well and I was thinking about how I am in Vegas. Vegas is such a bad place to be especially the strip because of all the wickedness that comes forth from this place but though there is terrible things there are also many righteous things. Here its black and white there is no gray, you can't afford to be gray here or any where. Its amazing that once we realize what side we want to be on will make all the difference of the joy and happiness that we will experience in our life.
Yesterday Courtney Wattles came home and gave her coming home talk. She was serving in the Kirtland OH mission, the historical site area. But she talked about the refiners fire. We all must go through it. The refiners fire is our trials, it goes along with Hebrews 11:40. We are to be shaped and molded into a better person. Trials come not because God hates us or doesn't love us but they come because he does love us. He loves us so much that he wants us to become like him and that process is through experiencing trials and struggles. This is how he has become what he is today, through this same process that we ourselves are going through. He loves us so much more that he even gave us his Son Jesus Christ to go through so much more. He gave this precious gift to us to know and to learn upon because through Jesus Christ we can conquer all; Heleman 5:12
So Saturday I was struggling, I remember kneeling down to pray that night and just crying to my Heavenly Father. I didnt know what to do and I felt so many emotions. I am still trying to learn and understand myself and its very hard most times. I realized that when I give myself, I give my heart away and for me its a scary thing, it freaks me out. So it was rough for me because I realized when transfers came that day that I give away my heart every time and I don't like it because I am afraid that I am going to get hurt. So Saturday I was still dealing with it and I prayed to Heavenly Father for peace and help. Well when Courtney gave her talk she answered my prayers. She said that she gave her heart away to this lady she was teaching, in that moment, I knew that it is okay to give my heart away. Then came this voice in my head that said don't worry about it, let it alone. It brought so much peace to me because I was struggling so much but those words helped my heart so much. I realized even more today that I am on a mission and Heavenly Father has asked me to give all my heart to him but this also means to all those that I teach and see, every single person I come in contact with I am to give my heart away, to give all that I have. So when I come to the alter of God I have nothing left more to give but once I come to the alter, he is going to give me so much more, he is going to give it all back to what I have just given and he's going to give me more than what I have given.
There will be moments when things are so hard to handle and you don't know what to do but Heavenly Father is here for all of us. We are learning and growing to become leaders. It's a hard process but the blessings will be so worth it. Those moments of enlightenment will be like the Heavens opening up and pouring out its blessings upon you. You will need help through it all, but just remember that angels will be around about you to bear you up. You will feel their love and power guiding you along the way. I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much that he wants us to become even more like him.
I was excited to see the baby shower invite, thank you for it. I am glad you are doing it on my birthday, I know that one day the baby will look back and remember that they celebrated that day for her on my birthday. Thank you!
Our investigators are doing good. I have seen so much of the things I have gone through in my past through so many people. Its scary because I feel like I have to relive it but its comforting to know that I have overcome it because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and his love and forgiveness is beyond measurement.

I have come to find out that people just have to move on from the things that have happened and "let it alone". It is hard to see people not change, but I have come to see that everyone has their agency and sometimes they are just not willing to change. Everything starts from the heart if we don't have that desire to understand or want to change then they are just going to stay the same. It's hard to see people not have that desire, but there's not much you can do about it. It was interesting to see that Christ gave all that he had for us, his whole heart. Even when he gave his whole heart there were still those that rejected them, actually there were many that rejected him. I thought of how that may have felt to give all your heart away and to have people reject you but it shows the ultimate love that he has for all of us and the unconditional love as well.
Well thank you for the emails and for the package. I really love hearing the stories and seeing the pictures. I am going to try to write to the ward this week hopefully, we will see it is going to be super busy. But I am going to try to make time at night and in the afternoon. I hope you have a wonderful party tomorrow, I wish I could be there but I will be thinking about you all. I have had to make sacrifices but the blessings that come in return are just as sweet if not sweeter. When we give our lives to God he will not fail us and his blessings are sweeter than we could possibly imagine. I love you both so very much and miss you. I cant wait to see the presents but thank you ahead of time. I'll let you know next week about my day. LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!!! Bunches!
Love Heather Baby Little One

June 20, 2011

Hi Mom & Dad,
How are you two doing?? I am doing good. This week has been long and it has been the lowest numbers of lessons I have got since getting on my mission I hope and pray that it will not be like this every week because I will freak out. I have a feeling that we will be making more visits and tracting than having lessons. So yesterday was awesome in Church this ward has literally become my family, I remember seeing Sister Lords and it made my day. She gave me a hug it was like seeing you mom it was awesome. There was a moment that I looked around in church and I realized that I knew almost everyone's name which was awesome but then I had the feeling that I will be leaving soon. That day will be hard for me because I don't want to leave this area but I know that I can always come back here and stay with any of them. I love it here, I cant wait for you both to come out to visit.
Thank you for the pictures mom. They were so cute, loved them. That is great that Sister Black posted advice from our Fathers. That was from one of the emails that you sent me and I asked both of you to bear your testimony to me.
I like being senior companion because I get to drive!!!

So last night we went over to President Blacks house to decorate his door for Father's Day. Happy Father's Day too Dad!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. :) But we were at President Blacks house and he told us a joke. We were talking about President Bush because Debbe said that he and his father worship an owl which they go to California once a year to do. We told him about it and then he said that President Bush was giving a speech and he said he saw a man that looked like Moses and he asked one of his guys to go and get him so President Bush could talk to him. This guy tried like three times but the Moses look alike wouldn't come, finally they asked him why. The guy that looked like Moses said, "The last time I talked to a bush I wondered in the wilderness for 40 years." :) :) President Black got jokes! He's hilarious.
Its crazy that June is almost over and my Birthday is only a week away. This time is going by so fast. Things this week are good. We had sister Black come out with us on Thursday. We went to see a Sister that is a talker we were there for about 2 hours but I love her she is awesome. We will go get her mail and things like that because she still has a hard time moving around. We met with an investigator this week, it is the 2nd week, so it was good. But Heavenly Father helps me through each day. Hebrews 11:40  3 Nephi 3:21. I hope and pray that another one we are teaching will get baptized before I leave this area, this is the only biggest desire that I have before getting transferred so we will see. Pray for him :)
Well I will write more next week, and I will look out for the package too. I am glad to hear from you all I love you so very much and miss you tons. Love you and Miss you bunches!!!!
Love Heather Baby Little One

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heather's 2nd Transfer

How are you doing??? I am doing good! So we got transfer calls this past Saturday but before i get to that I want to tell you about my week. It has been super busy, its been so busy that I haven't even written in my journal about the past couple of days. Ever since Friday I haven't been going to bed on time so hopefully after this transfer ends Tuesday night or tonight I don't know how they do that, but whatever, I will be able to get back to the normal schedule. Can you believe I have been out for 3 months now pretty crazy, and by the end of this transfer I will have been out for 4 1/2 months! But back to my week. We have been so busy making visits to less actives and some of the investigators we have. For the past four days we have barely been home, we would go home and then leave again its crazy but its good I like it like that. 
But last week on Thursday Elder Cummings called us and stopped by and said that the Zone Leaders were going to come by and prank us. I guess they found some big ole polar bear sitting on the side of the road and they picked it up. And they decided they wanted to prank us, so they asked Elder Cummings for our car keys because he deals with the cars and all that good stuff. So Elder Cummings came by with silly string so we could get them, he told us that they would come by on Friday night sometime to get us. So Friday night rolled around we were running around all over town literally and we finally got home about 9:40pm yep after curfew. We were at a sisters house who talks a lot and its super hard to leave, but we finally got home and we saw the Zone leaders down at a members house who go to another ward (different story) but we got into the house and I went to the bathroom and all of a sudden we hear our car alarm go off. The Elders pushed the panic button as they drove by, they forgot the video camera so they had to drive back home. Well we waited forever for them. I was outside in the little patio that they Andrews have in their front door with Sister Sprouse, bare foot (only I was barefoot). But there were TONS of bugs it was so GROSS! I had to keep jumping up and down so they would stay away from me it was nasty. The Andrews weren't home yet and when it was about 10:15 or something the Andrew's family came home and sister Sprouse and I were hiding out in the patio and Cristy their youngest who is in high school came up first. We started whispering to her and she freaked she was like mom there's someone right there, it was hilarious. We finally got them to come up and we told them the Elders were trying to prank us so we were going to get them. So, the Elders came back and were putting the bear in our car when we ran out and sprayed them with silly string. Elder Spencer bolted the other way and said Oh Crap!! Elder Towns was holding the video camera and just hung out by the car until we got closer. But it was hilarious! We told them what happened and that Elder Cummings told us about them coming over to prank us, so we are going to get Elder Cummings somehow. He always helps missionaries with pranks and stuff he plays both sides so we think its only fair to get him. So we told Elder Cummings we didn't get the Elders and that we waited forever and they never showed. So they got pictures with it all looking like they really got us so Elder Cummings thinks we got pranked and the zone Leaders never knew about it. So we will see what happens. But that night we got to bed super late we still needed to plan and everyone kept calling our phone even President Black called us that night. I was freaking out I thought someone told him what was going on and that we were in trouble. But sister sprouse said that he usually calls if someone is training or something like that so Saturday morning we called him back and left a message. 
We were going to Elder Cummings house to help his family with the backyard, well sister sprouse and I got to make homemade bread instead pretty awesome. But President Black called us right before we were going into their house Cummings so we talked to him. He asked me if I would be okay with being Senior companion and I said yes and he said that means Sister Sprouse is leaving. We waited all day to finally get the call to know where sister Sprouse is going and who my knew companion was. Sister sprouse is going to Meadows 4 &5th wards and I am going to get sister Knighton who was up in Fallon. I believe she had dinner with Scott and Kelly before so it will be cool to talk to her about that. I am really nervous and scared about it because I will have to do so much now. But i know that Heavenly Father will help me, he wont let me screw it up that bad so its a relief to know that. And I am so thankful I am not training because that would be even worse. Sister Knighton has been out one transfer longer than I have so its weird that I will be senior companion, I am glad she has experience though and I will get to learn from her. But this also means I will get to drive the car now :$
I am going to try to send a letter home today, well more like package but we will see. I have more pictures for you two to put on my computer and some pictures you can put on the blog. But be careful of which ones you put on the blog sister sprouse is very self conscience about some pictures, she freaked out that I was copying them all over to the USB but I will look at them and sort them out once I get home. Thank you so much for doing this for me and everything else. Oh so the Zone Leaders gave us a pocket knife, which Bro. Mendenhall gets somehow and gives them to certain missionaries. Pres. Black has one and Pres. Anderson, the zone leaders have one and Elders Sorenson and Lento got one for getting the most points for hell week. So they surprised us with one of our own. Its a Rough Rider pocket knife and I was wondering if you could see how much they cost and that stuff, just curious. But that little booger is sharp though, only has two blades and its like a cream handle its super small though its awesome! The other night we went to Elder Rolfsons place and he asked us so what do you to think about Elder Spencer. That little kid was trying to get us to say things about him like we like him and things like that, he likes gossip and I knew just what he was asking for so Sister Sprouse and I said hes a cool person and left it at that. We dont like any of the elders out here, this isnt the place for that and he likes to do things like that, I couldnt believe it stupid Elders.
I am going to miss Sister Sprouse though it will be weird but it will be good. Sister Walker is going up to Fallon now so it was like a little triangle swap but we didnt even see this coming. I really dont like transfers they get you all nervous and anxious because you dont know whats going to happen, it sucks. But I have learned alot from Sister Sprouse she has grown so much and I am so thankful for all that she has done, she has taught me so much. I was so proud of her yesterday, I saw her change so much, she likes to voice her opinion alot and she is trying to work on it but I told her I like to understand how people feel and not what they think. Sister sprouse wants to know what people think and not really feel and she is getting better and learning how to understand how people feel. We finally had a super long conversation the other night it was cool.
So the baptism on Saturday was good after all the stressful moments were over. We couldnt find a pianist for the life of us, it was only until the last moment that we finally found someone. No one could do it it was insane. President Black was there and there were tons of other missionaries. James the guy being baptized went through like 5 or 6 missionaries I think so most of them were there. I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost becasue we didnt know who else could do it. But every one said it was really good I just had the spirit so I was guided to know what to say. I was looking at james for most of the time I was talking and he would look up occasionaly and I could see his eyes were all teary so it went really well. I told him that he should remember this day and the moment he recieves the holy ghost because it will be a source of strength for him when he goes through something rough. I know it was what Heavenly Father wanted me to say to him. So it was such a wonderful moment, and Sister Sprouse said I did amazing as well along with many other people.
So I was trying to listen to my farewell talk last week and it wouldnt work, I guess when I put it on my IPod it didnt do it correctly so I cant listen to it, oh well. Oh yes I got the package THANK YOU!!! I got it on Thursday so it only took like two days :) I remember that day I was so tired and I wasnt feeling well so I laid down on the bed and told sister sprouse she could open it so she did. I think she enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the pictures they are SOOOO cute. Love them! Thank you for the talks and everything else. I honestly cant remember all that you sent me but thank you for the cord I have been using it all the time now so its awesome. I will most definately use the camelback. I found a store that I love I probably said this in the last letter but we went to REI last week so that is my new favorite store. It has TONS of rock climbing things so I will probably go back there and get somethings after the mission.
Thank you for the scriptures I will look them up and read them again. I know I know hebrews 11 but I cant think of what it says but it will look it up again. I get my new companion tonight so it will be interesting to see how things will be. I hope this transfer goes well and that we get along. Its having to start all over again of getting to know someone and working with them to help others. It sucks but I know that I am learning so much from this experience.
So here are a couple of scriptures we left with various people this past week Moroni 7:13, Alma 36:3, Heleman 5:12, Alma 37:6-7. I left a thought with Sister Rumel there is a picture at the end of the photos in sister sprouse with her and sister rumel, she is sitting down and has a dress on. Hopefully you can see who I am talking about. But when we were at Waymonds on Tuesday night I thought back to the hike we had the day before. It related so well to what we were talking about. But I was caught up in this thought. Sometimes we see other people and wish we were at their level to be like them, but we think that it is not possible because we think we will never be able to obtain that level because it is so high that it seems out of reach for us. I remember thinking back on the hike after we got back to where we started I looked up and saw it. I thought to myself that is so tall and really high did I really climb up there and stand on that level to be up so high. I couldnt see it but I thought that it was little by little. It didnt happen all at once I had to focus on the trials that stood right before me that was difficult. I had to make sure my footing was right and that I could get up a little more, it was by focusing on and pressing through taking that next step to go a little more. It was little by little having faith that Christ would be right there to help me to give me strength to press on a little more to climb that rock just a little bit more. It didnt come all at once but it was by those small steps of faith that helped me to get to the top of that rock to reach that high level. That is just how it is in our own life. It is by little steps it is by taking those small steps to press a little more through our trial that we get a little closer to that level we desire. We all can reach that level that we so desire to get to but we should look up and think that we will never get to it we must focus on those things that will help us get to that level, and that focus is Christ. When we turn to heavenly Father and strive to become more like Christ he will help us reach that level. 
Did you know that they put out a new Joseph Smith video for investigators, its similar to the one they had in the visitor center. Its called Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. you can watch it on under media library. Its pretty good from what I have watched. I cant believe that it is already that time for another missionary from our ward to leave that is awesome. So this makes 5 missionaries out now is that right? 

Well I am going to go. I love you and miss you both so much. I will talk to you next week. Love you!
Love Heather Baby Little One

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 6, 2011

Hello Family,
How are you doing? I am hungry right now but it is okay because in an hour and a half I will get dinner. Sister Garrett is bringing dinner over to us so it will be good, I cant wait. So I woke up this morning and I felt much better than I have been for the past couple of days. I was going to talk to Sister Black about going to the doctor but since I felt so much better today I am not going to go now.
We had our Sister hike this morning it was GREAT! I had so much fun. I was talking to Sister Black and I told her I will be going back to BYU-I when I get home and she said that once they get home they will have to have some parties down in Utah, so now I know a few people in Utah I can stay with :) We did the Ice Box trail again its the same one we did last time but this time there wasn't any water in the river beds so it was pretty cool to climb the different rocks. I went bouldering again it was AWESOME! When you get to the end of the Canyon there is a huge waterfall well this time it was all dried up so the water was low enough in the puddle area to go climb up part of the fall. Elder Wright led the way and I was the only one to go with him but it was so much fun I loved it. And it helped with my sickness to, I got my heart rate up so hopefully I will sleep sound tonight.
I am learning a lot from Sister Sprouse her family is huge into raw food, they said that they have been able to cure and prevent cancer. So I want to talk to her mom and learn more I think it would be cool to learn about since I want to go work with cancer patients. Oh one of the sisters in the Canyon Gate ward told us about this Kyani stuff. Its pretty expensive but she let us try some and I really wish I could afford it but I will have to get a job when I get back home to try it. But I took a taste of it and I noticed that I didn't have much back pain after it, pretty good. So she has been taking this Kyani stuff and she has more strength and energy, pretty awesome! Well I have been thinking I want to try to get BYU-I with a Child Life Specialist program. I don't know if I told you two that or not. But I think it would be really great to do that or at least help people understand what courses would most benefit them in their future career. Oh yeah about the raw foods I am learning more, so it's good I am trying new things and hopefully getting more vitamins and minerals that my body needs. That and working out will probably help me the most on my mission, since I work hard and get sick a lot.
I have learned that we are basically called to teach people and bring them unto Christ we are not really suppose to find people. The finding and preparing lies more in the hands of the members of the ward, pretty interesting and a lot of work but it is easy once people understand it.
SO today we went to REI (Recreational Equipment Inc) something like that. But I was in need of another water bottle because its hard to have only two water bottles and trying to have cold water all day. So we went there and I got 2 more insulated water bottles, one is a Polar its like the one I already have and the other one is a Camelback. So I am super happy about it, I washed them out and am using them right now :)
Lets see what else is new. Um we have a baptism this Saturday I think I said that already :) We got only 7 lessons this past week because we canceled a few because I was sick. But hopefully this week it will be better. We got really close to the strip again and Sister Sprouse got to go to the "hood" what she likes to call it. It is the letter streets and its the more rougher part of town.
That is so funny about Ayden. It sounds like he can pull off his diaper finally, oh they are probably loving that stage :) hahaha I am excited for Michelle. Its June already only like 2 more months for her. Oh my birthday is coming up too, pretty awesome! Almost 20 days left insane. I will be 22 I seriously feel like I am older than that though. Its scary but its good, at least I know I am growing up.
The BBQ was awesome. The members house we went to was big, I think Sister Sprouse took pictures but they had their own tennis court in the backyard and a huge swimming pool next to it with a gathering area gazebo right next to it. Pretty crazy. But they were so sweet. They made enough to feed an army they probably thought they were since there were 8 Elders and 2 Sisters. They had tons of salmon, steak, baked potatoes, salad, chocolate cake. It was GOOD! Oh and at the end we sang for them as well. After every zone conference we sing to the cooks, the "Armies of Heleman" song. It was awesome they were all teary eyed, loved it.
We are not getting any new Sisters this transfer so we don't know what's going to happen about that. Its got me thrown for a loop, at least I know I won't train this transfer :) But we don't know what the Lord has planned if we are all staying in our areas or if we are going to get moved around. We will find out on Saturday (June 11) we have district lunch at In-N-Out then too :)
So we got an email today, well I got it today since I just checked my emails. But anyways, President said that the Brethren have so much confidence and trust in us that they are giving each companionship a portable DVD player. They said that we are to use it for personal and companion study and it is not to leave the apartment. But that is so exciting, I wish we had one last week because we were in the apt. all day basically because I was sick. But they will be giving them between June and August.
Oh funny story about today. We were coming back down from the waterfall area and you have to slide down some parts well there was a sister that was afraid of heights. So we (Elder Wright and I) were helping the other Sisters down and up some areas. but this sister on this one part was pretty afraid about it and she was going slow. I was right below her and I told her that if she falls (slides down) she doesn't have to worry too much because she won't go very far. Well of course she falls down (she was on her bottom anyways) but she slides down and I tried to stop her but she got to me and grabbed onto my leg so she didn't get too far down it was hilarious. She screamed but thank goodness I had really good footing because she grabbed onto my legs she was wrapped around my right leg and just hanging on for dear life she honestly thought she was going to die. :) Angels protect us every day. Even when we go hiking :)
So we go over and visit with a sister and her mom every week and share a message. Pretty awesome but we are learning so much from her as well. She is doing this Addiction Recovery thing, some people from the ward go to the meetings on Tuesday and Thursday. Well she has been saying that we all have an addiction it doesn't have to be to drugs or anything it could be like over eating or being on the computer for hours or even watching TV. Its pretty interesting I was thinking about getting a book and going through it, because I know we all can learn something from it. We are here to become more like Christ and she said that she is learning more and to do just that through this program. She also told us about a couple of books you two should look for one is called Putting on the Armor of God its a green cover with gold lettering. But you two should look into this.
Well I don't know what else to say. Doing good, feeling better. Oh thank you for the letter, I got it last week. And the pictures are so adorable. I have them in my bag so when I go to members home I pull them out and show them. I tell them I have a stud for a nephew :) its great. They all say that he is so adorable as well. I read this one last night to the Andrews they are like family I love living with them and going over for dinner. Its Philippians 4:13.
Crazy story before I end. We went to the YSA ward yesterday and the Elders said that Bishop found a note on the door from someone. It said "Please send Morman's to 1909 Santa Paula Apt 9 or 2 LV 89104" and then it had two scriptures on it Hoesa 1:9 and Psalm 19:10. Pretty hilarious, but they looked up the scriptures and it sounds like they want to bible bash which is ridiculous. Crazy people :/
Well I will let you know what happens with transfer next week. I may email monday or tuesday I dont know. But hopefully monday. Well I love you and miss you bunches, of oats. Thank you for the emails I love getting them. Oh yeah, before I forget I got a package from Brother Warner. The young women wrote me letters and sent them to me pretty awesome. I loved them. So it was a nice surprise. So tell them I said thank you and I appreciate it! Well I will close now, enjoy the pictures and I love you both very much!!

Love Heather Baby Little One

May 31, 2011

Well I am sick once again. I hope this doesnt become a routine of getting sick every transfer. I dont even know how I got sick, I cant even remember being around someone that was sick. But we went into the mission office today and I told sister Wright what was wrong with me and she said to go into the bathroom and get some advil (to release the pressure and swelling) and to take some Sudafed for my sinuses. I have been feeling like this since Sunday, which sucked because we had to give a lesson in the family ward the second hour and get up in Relief Society and help sister Goodnough with her lesson. So for Relief Society I thought I was going to talk about the sacrament but I found out as I got in there I was going to talk about the Sabbath day. Kind of scary but Heavenly Father blessed me to know what to say and have an idea of a story so it went really well. Some of the members were amazed they said I am amazing. The spirit was there so thats what matters most.
Yesterday our P-day was pretty lazy but it was good because it allowed me to just get some sleep. I am having problems sleeping at night because of this sickness but we are going to sister Taylors to get some nyquil so I should sleep like a baby tonight :) Next monday we are suppose to have a sister activity with Sister Black and the rest of the Sisters in Vegas, we are going to hike Red Rock again, really excited about it.

The gospel isn't just for sinners but for all of us to become perfected even as Christ is. Dad that is great to hear about your new calling soon you will be bishop, but not any time soon don't worry you have to get a nice house with a finished basement :)
The one thing that I learned this week is from John 21:15-17 It's about Christ asking Peter "Lovest Thou Me?" I talked about this in Relief Society too. But we should ask ourselves this question why are we doing what we are doing is it out of love for the Savior or just because everyone else is doing it. Are we going to church because mom and dad want me to go, or am I keep the sabbath day holy just because? It should be because we love Christ enough to follow his example and keep the commandments of God. This is why Christ was the perfect peron to ever walk the earth because his bowels were filled with so much love for God and for us. We should love him just as much as he loved us to give his life for us. So when we do something we should ask ourselves am I doing it out of love for the savior. We should be keeping the sabbath day holy because we love God and Christ so much and for us to how our love to them we should be obedient and follow Christ and Gods commandments.
So last week they called it Hell week, where we were in a competition with the other district for the most points. Our district won so we are having a BBQ this Friday. Pretty awesome. But we did good this past week, the work was awesome. We got 6 new investigators, handed out 3 Book of Mormons, set an investigator with a date, and had 8 lessons with investigators. So our next baptism is on June 11th he is in the Air Force and is a bodybuilder. But he is so ready, I extended the baptism commitment and before even finishing the whole thing he said Yes absolutely and then he said its about time. hahaha He is so excited to get baptized, its awesome. So I will get two baptisms within my second transfer.
That is great to hear about Nick its about time he got his papers in, I hope he has a testimony and he is wanting to work, its tough but it will be so rewarding if he is obedient to the rules. That is so funny that he's going to Idaho maybe I will see him when I get back to school, hahaha.(Heather's cousin Nick Bystrom is going on his mission to Pocatello ID)
Transfers are almost here, almost a week away pretty crazy. I was thinking for a moment that I was already in my 3rd transfer but its still my 2nd sometimes time feels like its going so fast and then there are times when it feels so slow. Crazy but Sister Sprouse doesn't want to go she said she will cry if she gets transferred out, but she has been here for about 6 months so she might just get transferred. If she gets transferred I may be staying in this area for 6 months as well, crazy that's 1/3 of my mission in this area. So I was looking at this guys shirt in the library and it said on the back of it Half way to St Pat's day September 17. I realized that that's my release date for my mission, so Dad when it's your birthday next year I will only have 6 more months left, but I may just leave a transfer early so i can be home for my niece's first birthday.
"You lay down your life every time you put the needs of someone else's above your own"
Faith has two aspects to it belief (hope) and the act (charity). Have you ever wondered why the scirptures always say faith hope and charity, well because they are all intertwined."  "Hope" Ensign GC May 2011 Priesthood Session.
Don't know what else to say but thank you for the stories about Ayden, I miss him and he is so funny True Clevenger right there. No I haven't received your letter yet hopefully today. Thank you and love you so very much. Love you and miss you bunches.
Love Heather baby Little One

Monday, June 6, 2011

May 23, 2011

I am doing good. It has been a really busy week and I am tired, so glad it is P-day today!
So I think I have just switched over to full missionary mode. I just got done emailing Kristilyn and I signed it Love Sister Clevenger :$ Oh boy, you know what that means I forgot my first name :$ hahaha and it means that I am getting more and more into my mission. We have been so busy and I have been so exhausted. This past week has been hard, just working and draining but its been good. We thought we would be able to get our goal of 20 lessons this week but we actually got about our lowest lessons yet. It is crazy to see because we gave it all we had, we had like 6 cancellations on us, it was bad. But I know that one day it will make for a great story. We gave it all we had this past week and we were drained and worn and we got the lowest lessons out of all the weeks I have been here. Crazy but I know that God will bless us with reaching our goal, its all about Faith.
Saturday we were so tired, we were suppose to have 3 lessons and two baptisms that day. We had to eat our dinner at the Church because we didnt have time to go to our appointment for dinner. But we are getting blessed for the hard work we have been putting out. But we had our 10 am apt cancel on us so we had to weekly plan, blah! Then we had a 2 oclock apt where we were handing a guy off to the Elders so we did that, taught the first lesson and had to leave early to get to the Church at 3 to get ready for the baptism. We had to practice for the musical number but the other sisters didnt show up until about 330. Sister Walker made it with Sister Dixon which was GREAT! The baptism was at 4 Sister Sprouse was so anxious I could feel it she kept running around like a crazy chicken. But I just sat down and started to play the piano I didnt want to freak out or anything because I knew it would ruin the rest of the night worrying about everything. Thank you for telling me about Ayden, it makes me laugh to hear about him. I almost forgot I have a handsome little nephew and a niece on the way. :) Thank you for putting together packages for me I get really excited when we come back home around 4 or so and try to see if there is any mail on our door that day. Its so funny! That is crazy about the storm, it rained this past wednesday probably told you that but pretty bizarre for Vegas. We got really close to the Strip the other day it was fun, if we were any closer we would be on the strip. But it was all legit, we were visiting less actives for the Singles ward. There were tons of visitors at Chruch yesterday for the Singles ward it was great! We have a new investigator we are trying to meet with, we are going to set him for June 4th as a baptism date.

So real quick about the baptism, I will write more about it next week. It went really well the Spirit was so strong. Her children came to it. They really enjoyed it and I am thinking they will eventually join as well. It was amazing no words could explain it. She has so much faith more than anyone I have ever met, its phenomenal. But our musical number went great, everyone said we sang like angels. There was not a dry eye in the room it was amazing. I was so going to record it too and I forgot, I was so disappointed but it was awesome. You will have to hear it from the members when you come to meet them.
Well I am going to let you go and I will write to you all next week. I love you bunches, Thank you so much for the little stories about Ayden I miss that little guy. I love you all and am praying for you. ThANk You!! Love you and Miss you so so much!! :)
Love Heather Baby Little One (Sister Clevenger)