Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 5, 2011

Thank you for the emails. So I only got 75 minutes total for emails today and it seems that the less time I have the more people email me. But I will try to get everything I want to say within the amount of time that I have left, 26 mins. Mom you are funny, you sure do crack me up. You were thinking you were going to write less this time because of your arm but you wrote the same if not more than usual, but I love hearing from you. I am sorry to hear about your arm. Well I hope your surgery goes well this Friday I will be praying for you and thinking about you. We had In-N-Out today and I thought of dad and got a double double for you :) Our remote for our car broke so we had to go to the dealership to see what was wrong with it, basically they are ordering a new one, shortage in the device.

Thank you for the birthday presents as well they were great I love my ring. It was great to hear moms voice to that was the best thing that night. So awesome, but we went and had lunch with all the sisters. I got 4 birthday cakes throughout the whole week it was the best birthday I have had in a couple of years.
Well, I won't be able to tell you everything that I want to because I don't have a lot of time. But a thought I would like to leave with you is this. This life is hard but we make it harder when we don't do what he asks us to do. Heavenly Father is bound by laws as well, and that's a trick that Satan uses on us too, that we shouldn't have any laws. But the laws protect us. (3 Nephi 18:25) He can only protect us and help us when we keep his commandments.
It's like the story that was told about the young man who was driving home one night and got pulled over. He was told that if he brakes the law the holy ghost can't abide with him and protect him because He is bound by laws as well. We are protected and safe when we do as Heavenly Father asks us to do. And we should do it out of love and nothing else, love is the most powerful force in this world. Jesus Christ was able to overcome everything because of love. We all have trials but they make us stronger depending on how we react to them, we will only find temporal joy in the worldly things. Satan can not satisfy our hunger very long but Christ can satisfy that hunger forever because he is the living water and when we drink from it we shall never thirst nor hunger. I have tons of new stories from this past week but I only have 8 mins left :( The library was closed yesterday so we couldnt email then but next week for sure and I probably will have more stories then. But we had to be in by 6 yesterday, we went to the Lords house for dinner sooo fun!! Loved it.

I love you and miss you both. I will talk to you next week sorry I couldn't write very much and I didn't answer all your questions. LOVE YOU!!!
Love Sister Heather Clevenger :)

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